The truth behind Dumpy the 'giant' frog


Replying to @theofficalrellielou16 Is Dumpy my tree frog real? Let's talk about it. Dumpy the famous giant tree frog is an Australian whits tree frog they typically get 4-5 inches in size, a portion of people think she is fake and is CGI but she is not, I do use perspective vfx tricks to make her appear larger then life sometimes but she is REAL and she has a huge personality. #Dumpy #giantfrog #realorfake #factorcap #cgi #vfx #ohio #onlyinohio #storytime #artist #WaitWhat #cameraman #videogames #jurassicpark

♬ Swear By It – Chris Alan Lee

'Dumpy', a giant tree frog owned by Lucas Peterson, has captured TikTok's collective attention, garnering millions of views on her videos and even spawning frog-themed merchandise. On the surface, the appeal is obvious – frogs are cute, and a cat-sized frog is a novelty. What's not to love? Unfortunately, I'm here to put a stop to your childlike wonder. Peterson has opted to pull back the curtain on Dumpy, revealing that she's simply a normal-sized tree frog with her size 'enhanced' through a clever trick of perspective and a bit of cunning camera work. It's admirable that Lucas decided to 'take the L', as the kids say, on his own terms – personally, given TikTok's demographic, I think he could have found enough people who really believed in Dumpy the giant tree frog to keep milking the bit as long as he desired. The good news is that it hasn't stopped him from continuing to make content featuring Dumpy, illusion and all – so fret not, amphibian lovers