Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Eddie Murphy talk shop in a new interview

There are a handful of movie combos that should've existed that never did. In a post-Marvel cinematic universe reality, it's strange looking back at how many missed opportunities existed in the Hollywood of yesteryear. For example, why did we never get a crossover between the Die Hard and Dirty Harry franchises?

Even outside of beloved intellectual properties crossing streams, it's crazy to think about the number of actor pairings that Hollywood didn't capitalize on. Before his untimely death, Robin Williams should've shared the screen with Jim Carrey at least once. The same could also be said for Eddie Murphy and Carrey. 

However, it appears that Hollywood is learning to rectify past mistakes. In their new movie, You People, Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus finally share the big screen decades after their time on Saturday Night Live. In the video linked above, hilarious stand-up comic Sam Jay interviews Murphy and Dreyfus for Netflix is a Joke.