Marjorie Taylor Greene proposes amendment and fails miserably — and Lauren Boebert rubs it in

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q–GA) proposed an amendment on Thursday that would prevent President Biden from selling oil from U.S. reserves — and failed spectacularly. Only 13 Republicans backed her 14-418 failed proposal. Meanwhile, giddy rival Lauren Boebert (Q–CO), who passed three amendments yesterday, was quick to rub it in, boast-tweeting her own success shortly after Marge's flop. "Congress is working as it should be and I'm proud to say all three of my amendments passed today!!" (See video below.)

Boebert's jab was less subtle last month, when she snidely contrasted herself against the Georgia Qongresswoman, saying "I don't believe in … Jewish space lasers."

Via HuffPost
Front page thumbnail image: Rep. Lauren Boebert