Quiet quitters of the world, unite and take over!

"The only reason workers are quiet quitting is because they cannot afford loud quitting."

As labor unions experience a resurgence in interest in manufacturing, higher education, the service industry, and transportation, capitalists and their managers complain about "quiet quitting." Without any irony, capitalist owners and those that aspire to the same ethics and lifestyle would have you believe that workers are lazy, entitled, and privileged rather than simply defending the right to a fair, livable wage and dignified work conditions.

This powerful public service message from this yellow kitty on the Instagram account The Good Mornings/Rise and Shine has some points to consider when considering why precarious workers choose this path of organizing and refusal. At Good Morning/Rise and Shine, "you can expect to see posts about work-life balance, productivity tips (including AI) and self-growth tips, and even some jokes to make you laugh."

"The only reason workers are quiet quitting is because they cannot afford loud quitting. They can't afford to live. They cannot afford not to work. And oftentimes, they have to suffer through the most toxic environments and choose which type of bankruptcy they prefer: emotional or financial. Stop putting profits over people."

Do you know someone with no choice but to work a toxic, low-wage, high-insecurity position in a society that ties health care to employment? Do you know a broke-ass manager who imposes this illogic of profit margins and efficiency models for a corporation that does not care about them either? Remember, in the USian version of free markets, politically elected officials across the aisle vote to intervene, provide government justification to keep the minimum wage low, and support the ideology of union-busting as Capitalism 101.

"Planet Money" on NPR, reports "Of course, the mantra of quiet quitting, at least according to TikTok, is not really about failing to do your job. It's about "quitting the idea of going above and beyond." But the concept has drawn much criticism — for being a misnomer, for example. Or for overshadowing the "quiet firing" trend, where companies passively aggressively make their employees' work lives unhappy, and "quiet fleecing," which refers to workers' pay lagging behind their increased productivity for decades."

The wage is already theft as profits are tied to keeping labor costs low. That is Capitalism 101.

Quiet quitters of the world, unite and take over!