What is Bluey and why are so many adults watching it?

As the adult fandom for cartoons and animation continues to grow, there's been a massive uptick in content produced for children that also entertain parents. In modernity, animation houses like Pixar and Dreamworks have found a license to print money by designing kid's movies with enough pop culture references and subtle humor to make all the adults in attendance equally enamored with the product. One could even argue that Pixar caters to its adult fans more than the children the studio aims for. 

The same trend for cartoons courting an adult audience is also observable in children's television. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in the rise of Bluey. On the surface, Bluey is a show about an anthropomorphic dog that learns a lesson every episode, but underneath its sweet exterior, the show possesses a remarkable depth that has ensnared the hearts of adults around the globe. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Entertain the Elk explains what makes Bluey such a compelling show for older fans.