Far Cry 7 reportedly in the works

Like many of Ubisoft's core franchises, Far Cry suffers from a bit of an identity problem. The original game was your typical early-aughts shooter, featuring Desert Eagles, hammy performances, and terrifying mutants. Far Cry 2 set the series on the path it would (attempt to) follow to this day, introducing a charismatic if underutilized villain, opening up the world, and reining the story in to make it a good deal more bleak and cerebral. Far Cry 3 refined these elements to perfection – who could forget Michael Mando's electrifying performance as modern-day pirate king Vaas?—and as is standard with Ubisoft, this perfect formula was distilled and exploited ad nauseum. The most recent entry, Far Cry 6, is, well, a far cry from the series' promising roots: its thin, predictable plot features Giancarlo Esposito for about two minutes and its gameplay introduces a leveling system intended to direct you toward the in-game store.

Evidently, though, Ubisoft isn't done with Far Cry yet. Kotaku and Insider Gaming have both reported that two more Far Cry projects are in the works: the next mainline entry in the series, and a standalone multiplayer project.

Insider Gaming reported on Thursday that the next single-player game in the Far Cry series is internally known as Project Blackbird and that the standalone multiplayer component is internally called Project Maverick. It also says that both were originally born of a single game that was previously under the supervision of Dan Hay, the franchise's former overseer at Ubisoft Montreal. He left Ubisoft in 2021 and is now working at Blizzard on its unannounced survival game.

In other words, expect another watered-down retread of Far Cry 3 and another live-service money machine. Can't wait!