Man gets pedicure from a flesh eating crab

This man's beauty hack is getting a free pedicure from flesh eating crabs. Am I weird for thinking the close up shots of the crab tearing off tiny pieces of dead skin with its claws and then nibbling on them is kind of adorable? This seems like a win-win situation for all parties involved. The man gets a fresh pedicure, and the crab gets a tasty snack. 

From Youtube: "Mitchell Varela gets his pedicures done by one of the most unlikely sources: a cast of striped shore crabs on the shoreline of San Diego, California. These crabs mostly eat algae, but they're scavengers, so they might find dead skin appetizing too. They clean dirt and grime from underneath and on the surface of the finger and toenails. They're usually skittish, so Varela sometimes has to stand near the rocks on the shore for hours to get them to nibble on his toes. It takes lots of patience, but for him, the results are worth it."