The Last of Us show renewed for another season

Surprising absolutely nobody, HBO's take on The Last of Us has been renewed for a season 2. For some, this move may come as a bit premature, given that we're only two episodes into season 1, but the critical response has been overwhelmingly positive – and the second game provides a ready-made story to adapt for a follow-up. If you know anything about video games at all, you'll remember how divisive the aptly named The Last of Us: Part II was – and still is – as a result of a few highly controversial story beats, which I won't mention in the interest of avoiding spoilers. If it is indeed to serve as the template for a second season, I would heavily advise preparing for yet another online shouting match… or maybe they'll surprise us all and make season 2 a stealth adaptation of Crash Bandicoot or something. Just saying – it's also a Naughty Dog property!