Watch as Fox News rips off Michael Moore and Canada's great gift to comedy: John Candy in "Canadian Bacon"

Listening to Fox News' Emily Compagno demand the US build a wall to run the length of its border with Canada reminded me of something. I knew I had seen this movie, and not only was it better the first time but John Candy was fantastic in "Canadian Bacon."

Sorry, that is nowhere near as entertaining as:

Crooks and Liars:

Emily Compagno ranted for almost two straight minutes about this issue, trying to anger MAGA and activate the House Republicans.

The Fox News host seemed to mock border agents trying to save migrants and perish when they get into trouble trying to cross over from Canada (It hasn't happened yet) when she launched into this bizarre take.

"Every foreign operating base, every FOB we've been to in Iraq and the like. Every fully operational military base, on foreign soil, and here in this country, right? They have a boundary," she said. "They have a fortified boundary. So why is it that in our homeland, in our home soil, our borders, northern now and southern are absolutely open?"

In other words, Emily Campagno wants a fortified boundary (a wall) to cover the longest border in the world between Canada and the United States at roughly 8,900 kilometers.

Also of note: