Make static shocks a thing of the past with this sleek $15 anti-static keychain

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Cooler temperatures are usually considered a good thing, but there are some unwelcome side effects—including the increased chance of receiving the shocking sting of a static shock, AZCentral reports. Caused by electrons rubbing against each other when surfaces made of two different materials come into contact, a static shock is a truly unpleasant sensation, similar to a sudden zap.

Unfortunately, static shocks often occur around metal, which is all around us. But, there's a solution to minimizing your risk. Cue the Double Discharge Anti-Static Keychain, which helps you avoid the uncomfortable buzzing feel around metal. Best of all, while a three-pack typically retails for $38.85, it's now available for $14.95. 

Here's how it works. You can put all your keys on this keychain, which features a small, bullet-shaped object that's used to absorb the static shock. Just take it to first-touch sensitive surfaces—think doorknobs, computers, car handles, and basically any other metal object you may encounter—and your chances of experiencing a painful shock are severely minimized. Plus, it can also reduce the chance of messy hair from contact with static (the term "hair-raising" is basically synonymous with static shock). 

Another reason we love this keychain is because, well, it just looks good. The sleek, stylish design of this keychain has a futuristic feel to it. It's easy to carry anywhere you go, and you'll find your other keys easily blend in with the anti-static object on it. 

Sure, static shock isn't typically harmful for humans. But we'd much rather avoid that annoying burst of pain we all experience at one time or another, especially with such a handy and easy-to-use tool. 

Remove static shock from your life and get the 3-pack of Double Discharge Anti-Static Keychains for $14.95 now (reg. $38.85).

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