Shonen Knife still pop-punk-rocking after 40 years

It's hard to believe that Shonen Knife has been pop-punk-rocking together for over 40 years, but here we are. According to The Guardian:

Shonen Knife formed in 1981 when Naoko and her schoolfriend Michie Nakatani cemented their love for the Beatles, the Jam and Ramones into something of their own. With Naoko on guitar and Nakatani on bass, they enlisted Naoko's younger sister, Atsuko, on drums.

The Audiotree YouTube page describes them this way:

Shonen Knife is a groundbreaking Japanese Pop Punk band formed in 1981. The trio has played shows alongside Fugazi, Nirvana and Sonic Youth and are credited for bringing underground punk music to the international stage. Shonen Knife has always maintained a strong DIY ethic manifested in their carefree, nimble lyrical content and stripped down, delightful punk jams.

Their music still holds its own even after all of these decades. On a recent post of mine about capybaras (literally my favorite thing to write about), I was reminded by a kind soul in the discussion boards about Shonen Knife's song, "Capybara," which sent me down a nostalgic Shonen Knife rabbit hole. I found this great 27-minute set from Audiotree Live that was recorded September 7, 2018. It includes lots of favorites: Banana Chips; Twist Barbie; Jump into the New World; All You Can Eat; Ramen Rock; Riding on the Rocket; and Buttercup (I'm a Super Girl). Enjoy!