Couple abandons baby at airport desk after realizing they didn't have infant ticket

A Belgian couple flying to Brussels from Tel Aviv checked into their flight, but realized their infant did not have a ticket — they had neglected to pay the 25 euro fee for lap babies flying without a paid seat. Compounding the predicament, they were running late. So, as CNN reports, the couple just left the baby in its car seat at the airport's check-in desk and sprinted off, making sure to catch their flight.

Even more bizarre, once airport security tracked the couple down, they were reconnected with their child with "no further" investigation. Hmm, I hope something is missing from this story.

From CNN:

A couple abandoned their baby at an airport check-in desk in Tel Aviv, Israel after arriving without a ticket for the child. …

The Israeli Airport Authority confirmed the episode to CNN and said in a statement. "A couple and an infant with Belgian passports arrived for a flight at Terminal 1 without a ticket for the baby. The couple also arrived late for the flight, once the check-in for the flight was closed. The couple left the infant seat with the baby and ran toward the security checks at Terminal 1 in an attempt to reach the boarding gate for the flight."

A spokesman for Israel Police told CNN in a phone call that the matter appeared to have been resolved by the time police arrived on the scene. He said: "The baby was with the parents and there's no further investigation."