James Gunn reveals the timeline for his DC multimedia universe

The wait is finally over. Well, at least one portion of the wait is finally over. When David Zaslav appointed James Gunn and Peter Safran to the position of co-heads of the DC multimedia universe, fans began to speculate what direction the new regime would go. Gunn, who previously spent time on the other side of the superhero movie fence at Marvel, arrived at the House of Idea's distinguished competition with a lot of fanfare. However, as with all things, hedonic adaption set in and caused DC fans to start questioning Gunn's decisions and also create petitions to have him ousted from his station. 

In the video here, Gunn allows fans to take a peek behind the curtain as he details the future of DC's film slate, including titles, concepts, and release dates. With this new video, the seemingly disjointed news that kept emerging from DC last year is finally starting to make sense.  Also, all of the announced projects sound pretty awesome.