Ozzy Osbourne retires from touring because of declining health

The great Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, announced that he will no longer tour because of poor health. Osbourne, 74, was slated to go on a European tour this year but announced today that all shows are cancelled after he says he came "to the realisation that I'm not physically capable … as I know I couldn't deal with the travel required."

From Ozzy's statement:

This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to share with my loyal fans. As you may all know, four years ago this month, I had a major accident, where I damaged my spine. My one and only purpose during this time has been to get back on stage. My singing voice is fine. However, after three operations, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy sessions, and most recently groundbreaking Cybernics (HAL) treatment, my body is still physically weak[…]

Believe me when I say that the thought of disappointing my fans really FUCKS ME UP, more than you will ever know. Never would I have imagined that my touring days would have ended this way.

In 2016, my then-9-year-old son and I watched one of Black Sabbath's final tour dates from the 10th row at Oakland Arena (thanks, David Katznelson!). It was one of the greatest rock shows I've ever attended and Ozzy was in incredible form. I feel fortunate to have had that experience and hope Ozzy is comfortable doing whatever the hell he wants.