The Batman II has an official release date

One of the major points of concern for DC fans during the Warner Brothers Discovery merger of 2022 was the fate of Matt Reeves' Batman universe. With his film The Batman, Matt Reeves immediately established himself as one of the greatest creators to ever work on the Dark Knight in the medium of film. The film's critical and commercial success prompted DC to allow Reeves further reign over Batman's future by expanding his slate of projects to include comics, television shows, and a cartoon series. However, the turmoil that rocked DC's film division, and the subsequent ascension of James Gunn, caused fans to wonder if The slash-and-burn style of restructuring at Warner Brothers Discovery would consume The Batman

In a recent video announcing the future of DC's film division, James Gunn mentioned that Matt Reeves' Batman would be allowed to flourish in its own separate Elseworlds wing of the DCU. In addition to Gunn's news, Warner Brothers Discovery has finally given The Batman II an official release date. 

Robert Pattinson's Batman return is set as Warner Bros. has announced Matt Reeves' "The Batman Part II" will open in theaters on Oct. 3, 2025. Additional information, including a plot synopsis, remains under wraps for now. James Gunn and Peter Safran confirmed "The Batman Part II" release date during a press event on the Warner Bros. lot on Jan. 30.

While Gunn and Safran are developing a new DC Universe, which includes the 2025 theatrical release "Superman: Legacy," Reeves' "The Batman Part II" will remain a standalone property and fall under the newly branded "DC Elseworlds" category. Gunn announced that any DC film or television series that is set outside of the main DC Universe will get the "DC Elseworlds" tag, exactly how DC Comics functions.