Mike Lindell joins Jimmy Kimmel from inside of an arcade claw machine

File this under WTF and why, just, why? Mike Lindell appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show recently, but he didn't join Jimmy on stage, or sit on the guest couch for light banter. Instead, Lindell spoke to Kimmel from inside of an arcade claw machine. Yes, you read that correctly. The Jimmy Kimmel YouTube page, which uploaded the clip, explains:

MyPillow Mike has been trying to get back on our show for a long time, so Jimmy invited him with the condition that he do it from the inside of an arcade claw machine. Mike talks about how he ended up on show, running for chairman of the Republican National Committee and only getting four votes, his distrust of voting machines, what Donald Trump and his associates think of "rigged elections," spending $40 million on this whole charade, George Santos, and we get a visit from the OTHER Mike Lindell (James Adomian).

AOL.com provides more info:

The late-night host and MyPillow CEO, who began feuding in 2021, met again on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Tuesday for a lively discussion – Kimmel from his usual seat and Lindell from inside a stuffed animal claw machine.

"You said (you) put me in here because I wasn't vaccinated. You tricked me. You did it to be funny huh?" Lindell asked.

Kimmel couldn't remember exactly why he decided to do it, but was shocked Lindell agreed to it.

"I didn't want you in there because you weren't vaccinated," he replied. "It seemed like a good idea when it happened, and I have to say I was very surprised when you said you would do it. But I put it out there and you said 'yes.' So I'm honoring that commitment that I made on the air."

I don't know about you, but for me, Mike Lindell stopped being funny a very long time ago. Watch this cringey clip at your own peril.