This Seinfeld/Pulp Fiction deepfake is a little too good

Pulp Fiction is a classic. Even if Tarantino isn't your favorite director, odds are you've probably seen the movie more than twice. The film has reached such an unfathomable level of cultural omnipresence that people who've never even seen the movie can probably quote chapter and verse for a few scenes. 

Even though almost every salient or insightful observation about the movie has already been made prior to the advent of the internet, that doesn't mean the film is devoid of content for video essays and bloggers to pore over. For example, remember that guy who tried to shoot Jules and Vincent during the film's third act? Didn't he look weirdly similar to Jerry Seinfeld? 

In the video linked above, the YouTube channel DesiFakes created a Deep Fake mock-up of Jerry Seinfeld in the Pulp Fiction universe. Watching two juggernauts of 90s pop culture cross paths has never been this bizarre.