Watching comic book artist Ryan Ottley sketch is insanely therapeutic

Every generation of comic book creators has its standouts. On the illustration side of the equation, there are always a handful of artists that define the general aesthetic of the industry. In the 70s, Neal Adams became synonymous with the superhero genre — and consequently all of comics — in a similar fashion to how Todd MacFarlane and Rob Leifeld became the face of 90s visuals. In the present day, one could argue that pencilers like Greg Smallwood and Chris Samnee are examples of the apex of contemporary comic art. However, I'd like to argue that Ryan Ottley is one of the most talented artists in the entire comic book medium. 

In the video linked above, you can watch Ottley transform a blank page into the ruthless Omni Man from his classic comic Invincible. Watching Ottley work and witnessing the effortless quality he pours into every piece is more than enough to calm an overactive mind.