Wichita man plagued by an insensitive and uncaring AT&T

A property owner in Wichita, Kansas discovered that the expensive monthly drain cleaning his rental property has required is the result of an AT&T contractor drilling a hole and running a line thru his sewer lateral. AT&T nor its contractor appear concerned. The problem has been going on for a year or more. This story is all too common.

I think this guy needs to stop calling AT&T and call a lawyer.


After days of scratching his head, Smith finally put a camera down the main sewage pipe, and couldn't believe what he saw.

"Found out that there was a big orange cable going through the sewer line," he said.

Smith discovered that an AT&T line was drilled straight through the main drainage pipe, causing a huge blockage.

"I've got a sewer line, it's a $4,500 line, that if I paid the money to have it fixed, they're going to run a line right back through it," said Smith.

After nearly a year of painstaking calls and emails to AT&T, Smith says there's still no resolution.

"It's frustrating because, you know, the big utility companies are showing record profits… And then just to turn around and just kind of say, well, gee, isn't that too bad? That's sad," said Smith.