A 6-year-old boy "played" with his dad's Grubhub app, ordering $1,000 worth of food

A Michigan man had just put his son to bed when Grubhub delivered a mysterious plate of jumbo shrimp to his house. And then one after another, Grubhub came a knockin' with bag after bag of food — from salads to sandwiches to schawarma to pizza to chili cheese fries, and from various restaurants, too — until Keith Stonehouse had a feast fit for an army. Or a six-year-old boy, in this case.

He soon figured out his son, who was looking at his dad's phone in bed, had seen the Grubhub app and decided to have some fun with it, to the pricey tune of $1,000.

From HuffPost:

The boy's mother, Kristin Stonehouse, told The Associated Press on Thursday that Grubhub has reached out to the family and offered them a $1,000 gift card. The company also is considering using the family in an online promotional campaign, she said. Grubhub officials did not immediately respond to a message from the AP seeking comment.

Keith Stonehouse said he was alone with his son while his wife was at the movies …

"This was like something out of a 'Saturday Night Live' skit," Keith Stonehouse told MLive.com.

Keith Stonehouse said his son ordered food from so many different places that Chase Bank sent him a fraud alert declining a $439 order from Happy's Pizza. But Mason's $183 order of jumbo shrimp from the same restaurant went through and arrived at the family's house.

The Stonehouses said they shoved the food into their refrigerator, and also called neighbors over to help them eat it up.