Let's be brief: James Gunn's poll on Superman's red underwear comes to a close

Superman has once again become one of the most important characters in cinema. Since becoming the co-head of DC Comic's film division at Warner Brothers Discovery, James Gunn has made it abundantly clear that getting Superman "right" is one of the primary agendas for his new regime. The director has even decided to personally pen a script for the studio's next movie starring the Man of Tomorrow, Superman: Legacy. However, Gunn's decisions regarding the Man of Steel have been polarizing, to say the least. In addition to starting fresh with a new tone, Gunn and DC studios decided to part ways with former Superman actor Henry Cavill. 

Due to his almost decade-long tenure as the Strange Visitor, Cavill's portrayal of Superman had become the definitive take for millions of Millennials and Gen Z fans. Whether classic enthusiasts of the character like it or not, Cavill's dark and brooding version of Superman is how countless DC fans view the character in modernity. And that includes the controversial costume that removed Superman's iconic red briefs. 

On Twitter, James Gunn launched a poll to determine if fans enjoyed Superman's costume with or without the red briefs. You can check out the results in the tweet linked above. Which version do you prefer? 

Following the big reveal of Warner Bros' upcoming DC Cinematic Universe slate, titled "Gods and Monsters", one of the biggest pieces of news was the reveal of a new solo Superman film that would release in 2025. Superman: Legacy is looking to bring Clark Kent back to his roots, creating a much kinder Man of Steel than the previous iteration we had seen in the likes of Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. Recently, Gunn asked fans whether they wanted to see the new Superman wearing his traditional trunks and the filmmaker has his answer.

Superman's briefs first appeared with his initial appearance in DC Comics all the way back in 1938 with the release of Action Comics number one. For quite some time, the Man of Steel stuck with his trunks in his history, but with the arrival of the New 52, he was given a costume that looked a tad more "armored" while also nixing the briefs from his outfit. Following suit, the recent films featuring Henry Cavill's version of the Man of Tomorrow were also sans briefs, leading many to wonder if Gunn is planning on keeping the traditional look or leaving the trunks in the past once again