Remember when Andrew Romine played all nine positions in one MLB game?

This is the game's athletic brilliance, agility, talent, and intelligibility: the definition of a phenom. In this repost from Major League Baseball by Elite Dingers, the multiutility player Andrew Romine plays all nine positions in one game. Beginning in the outfield, moving to third base, shortstop, and eventually catching, then pitching; what other sports is this possible in?

As reported by the MLB in 2017, "Andrew Romine has spent four seasons working in relative obscurity as a superutility player on a star-studded Tigers roster. On Saturday, manager Brad Ausmus gave him his day in the spotlight, and pretty much everywhere else on the field.

In the Tigers' 3-2 win over the Twins, Romine became the fifth player in Major League history to play all nine positions in a game, and the first since former Tiger Shane Halter did it on the final day of the 2000 season against the Twins at Comerica Park."

Romine joins Halter, Scott Sheldon (Texas Rangers, September 6, 2000), Bert Campaneris ( Kansas City Athletics, September 8, 1965), and Cesar Tovar (Minnesota Twins, September 22, 1968) on this particular list.