Tucker Carlson out for revenge after asking Hunter Biden to help get his son into college (video)

The perpetually irate Tucker Carlson erupted with a decade-old gripe that stems from deep-rooted sour grapes. "Despite a decades-long drug problem and no record of legitimate achievement of any kind, Hunter Biden has managed to accumulate the highest possible academic credentials — Georgetown and Yale Law!" he shouted on Fox yesterday. (See video posted by @Nikki Mccann Ramírez, below).

Of course Georgetown is the same college the resentful Fox host wanted his own son Buckley to attend. So much so that he even asked Hunter to write his boy a letter of recommendation to attach to his Georgetown college application.

"I realize you don't really know Buckley," his wife Susie said in an email to Hunter Biden in 2014, according to The Washington Post, while father Joe Biden was vice-president. "Maybe you could meet or speak to him and he could send you a very brief resume with his interests and grades attached."

"He loves Washington for all the right reasons, I think," Tucker piped in, adding that his son was excellent at squash and fly fishing, and "and really wants to go to school here."

When Hunter agreed to help the Carlsons, kindly saying, "I will do anything you would like me to do," according to Snopes, Susie ladled on the flattery. "Tucker and I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. Always!"

In the end, Buckley did not go to Georgetown, but attended the University of Virginia instead. And Tucker has made Hunter his punching bag ever since.

[CORRECTION, 9:54am: In earlier version of this post I mistakenly said, "Hunter did not go to Georgetown…" when I really meant, "Buckley did not go to Georgetown… ."]

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