There's an endless AI generated Seinfeld episode running on Twitch

What's the deal with AI-generated content these days? In the last handful of months, there's been a massive uptick in news stories about the use of AI art. In the world of illustration, AI has become a hot-button issue, as it could potentially threaten the livelihood of professional artists. However, AI's application in the arts isn't only limited to digital illustration. There have also been a host of AI-generated scripts and stories that could pose a threat to writers in the coming years.

However, even though there are a plethora of downsides to AI-created content, we can still have a little fun with the tech before it takes all of our jobs. Over on Twitch, there's an AI-generated episode of Seinfeld called NOTHING, FOREVER that has been streaming for an entire month. Seeing a development like this makes that possible Hollywood writer's strike seem all the more plausible. If an AI can craft new content for cash-cow IPs with no problem, screenwriters might have a problem on their hands. 

From Forbes:

Seinfeld was famously described as "a show about nothing," and that description has become something of a prophecy, as a bizarre, AI-generated Seinfeld episode has been streaming on Twitch for a full month, titled "Infinite Nothing."

The never-ending episode is, as its title suggests, very much "about nothing," as algorithmically animated Seinfeld characters wander aimlessly around their apartment, engaging in meandering, dreamlike conversations powered by OpenAI's GPT-3 language model, with minimal human moderation.

In an interview with Vice, Skyler Hartle, the co-creator of "Nothing, Forever," explained the thinking behind the project:

"The actual impetus for this was it originally started its life as this weird, very, off-center kind of nonsensical, surreal art project," Hartle said. "But then we kind of worked over the years to bring it to this new place. And then, of course, generative media and generative AI just kind of took off in a crazy way over the past couple of years."