Let's make fun of dumb dads

As the hosts, comedians Kevin Laferriere and Evan Kyle Berger explain about their Instagram comedy account, The Dumb Dads, "It's pronounced Dad, the "dumb" is silent." The podcast is "just a couple of dads trying to have a little fun along the way. We believe the only way to erase the stigma that Dumb Dads get painted with is to parent harder, not dumber."

From The Dumb Dad's Press Conference:

Dumb Dad: Pretty busy Sunday. Yeah, had to go to a soccer game, followed by going to a birthday party. Never ends.

Reporter: Was the trip to the zoo planned?

Dumb Dad: Last time we went, we got suckered in annual passes. But if we go two more times, it'll pay for itself.

Reporter: What style of play were you hoping the kids will establish?

Dumb Dad: I mean, look, we all know once the ball is kicked, they're gonna run where they want. So, apparently, my job is to just stand there and get yelled at by all the parents.

Reporter: You spent $34 at the Gorilla Grill. Had you not packed any lunches?

Dumb Dad: No, we were prepared. Goldfish, pouches, fruit snacks, you name it, but they see one kid with cotton candy…