A cat sleeps in hilariously impossible position — until the illusion is broken (video)

As a cat owner, I've seen my kitties sleep in many positions – curled up, lying on their backs with their hind legs stretched out, bent over the arm of a couch… But never have I seen anything like the sleeping sphynx in the video below, posted on TikTok by Lisa Hampton Holder.

Draped by a blanket, all you see at first are two furless, alien-like limbs poking out from opposite ends of a round cat bed, 180 degrees apart. Like a super long straight stick with paws attached on each end. Or an E.T. doing the splits. Thank goodness Holder lifts the blanket to reveal just how the illusion is done.

Via Newsweek
Front page thumbnail image: ILYA AKINSHIN / shutterstock.com