Check out these wild 3D visualizations of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright designs

Spanish architect David Romero is pushing the boundaries of architectural visualization with his stunning digital reconstructions of Frank Lloyd Wright's unbuilt structures. By using computer-generated models and advanced 3D representation techniques, Romero has brought to life over 20 unbuilt Wright projects. Some of these images are so detailed that they could easily be mistaken for photographs, writes Molly Enking in the Smithsonian.

"While we will never know the true experience of visiting an unbuilt Wright design, these renderings can convey a bit more sense of space and light than the drawings alone," said Stuart Graff, the foundation's president and CEO, in a 2018 statement. "There are approximately 660 Wright designs that were never built. As we wonder what might have been if these designs had been realized, Romero's work gives us a sense of Wright's innovative genius that we can continue to learn from and be inspired by."