Is this dog with a little saddle and a Woody cowboy doll bucking like a bull out of joy or irritation?

Check out "Coco the Bucking Bully," moving and shaking to the tune of Banda La Jaripera Vol 1, "El Toro Mambo."

This post from Jose Villanueva and american_tri_colors, also posted here at francos_frenchies, captures the agility, grace, and balance of… Coco the bulldog. 

Let's consider another perspective. Coco is not dancing. Coco might be upset and not like what the human has imposed, and their bucking and movements are about Coco saying to the human, WTF? How would you like it if I wrapped you in plastic wrap, naked, and filmed you trying to get free? 

Then again, I could be wrong. Coco might be joyous and proud that he can make the world laugh at his attempts to get the saddle and the puppet off his back. 

What do you think? Is Coco happy or upset? Are they engaged in play or frustrated?