Russian hitman who held up Ukrainian skull has been shot in the skull

Russian hired gun Igor Mangushev, who held up the skull of a Ukrainian activist during a concert last August, was shot in the skull himself on Saturday. The heinous degenerate, who was shot with a handgun at "close range, execution style," according to The New Voice of Ukraine, is now in the neurosurgery wing of a hospital in Kadiivka, Ukraine.

"He is still alive, but with such an injury, the prospects are not very good," said a Ukranian journalist, according to Daily Beast.

From Daily Beast:

Mangushev, 36, is a captain in the Russian army who goes by the callsign "Bereg." He boasts reputed links not only to neo-Nazi groups, but also to the notoriously vicious private mercenary group Wagner and its founder-fiancier, Yevgeny Prigozhin, having done disinformation work for companies ensconced within Prigozhin's media and consulting empire.

"I think we can safely describe this as a hit," tweeted Mark Galeotti, a London-based political scientist and expert in Russian security affairs. "Was this about him or a proxy attack on Prigozhin? Obviously at this stage, impossible to say."

In a thread analyzing the situation, Galeotti concluded that "his could be a warning, or taking a pawn off the board, or a sign that Prigozhin's more thuggish rivals feel he is weakened enough that they can move."

"We're alive, and this guy's already dead," Mangushev had told the crowd at a nightclub last summer while holding a skull. "Let him burn in hell. He wasn't lucky. We'll make a goblet out of his skull." Looks like the Russian hitman's luck has run out as well.