Throwing stars are now legal in Indiana, delighting mall ninjas everywhere

Axe throwing bars has become quite popular! After all, what's not love about crowds of people throwing heavy sharp objects while drinking alcohol? For those who prefer a more "exotic" variation on the theme, apparently some of the axe throwing pubs are also offering throwing stars! An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, Japanese throwing stars, aka shuriken, are actually illegal in many part of the US, including California, New York, and, for the moment, Indiana. However, if the Hoosier State's Senate Bill 77 passes, throwing stars will become legal for recreational use there.

Senate Bill 77 "actually came from a constituent who owns a putt-putt golf course called Ninja Golf," says [State Sen. Linda] Rogers. "Nearly everyone that I spoke with said, 'Hey, look, if we can throw axes, we can certainly throw throwing stars.'" […]

The bill already passed the Indiana Senate by a 48 to 1 margin. Next it goes to the State House.

From WGN9:

"It's a double-edged sword," said Richard Deschain, co-owner of Ragnarok Axe Throwing LLC in Indianapolis. He said throwing star blades can get bent and hooked over, increasing someone's odds of getting cut.

"I would say the easiest way for that to have any kind of solution is to require a layered Kevlar glove to be worn when they're throwing any other object like a throwing star," he said.