"Yardi Gras" is still going strong in New Orleans

"Yardi-Gras" is back this year in New Orleans. The tradition of folks decorating their yards like Mardi Gras floats sprung up during the pandemic, when parades were canceled and people had to make their own fun. The Atlantic explains that locals:

Spent their time and effort working on safe alternative celebrations to keep the spirit of Carnival alive—including the decoration of hundreds of houses in the style of Mardi Gras floats. The Krewe of House Floats has worked with people across the city and is listing participants on a map.

Even though parades are back in full swing this year, some locals are keeping the Yardi Gras tradition alive. WDSU News explains:

Stronghold Studios in New Orleans released a map of the house floats they have helped decorate this year.  House Floats were born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eloquent decorations made by Mardi Gras artists adorned homes when floats could not roll in the streets of New Orleans. 

Advertisement Stronghold Studios has decorated over a dozen homes across the city. To view a map of decorated homes, click here.

To get a sense of what Yardi Gras is all about, check out this awesome home in New Orleans that was all decked out for the season a couple of years ago—locals call it "Dino Gras." Enjoy!