If you've ever wanted to play tag for a living, now you can

From the world of niche sports, which has in the past given us such gems as ferret legging and chessboxing (both of which are exactly what they sound like ) comes a new contender: Professional tag. It's much like the game you may have played on the playground — including the playground itself.

This video shows off what a typical match looks like, and it seems far more intense than it has a right to be. Two opponents are placed at opposite ends of an obstacle-filled arena, rather resembling what I imagine a playground in the Star Wars universe looking like, one is designated as "it," and they're off, in a tale as old as time.

It really is a feat of athletic prowess, with both the pursuer and the pursued pulling off slick parkour moves that look straight out of Mission Impossible. Clearly, I've gone into the wrong line of work!