Screenshots of next Dragon Age leak online

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the upcoming fourth entry in BioWare's long-running Dragon Age RPG series, has suffered a major leak (although nothing quite as dire as the GTA 6 fiasco from last year).

A Reddit user (so take it with the customary grain of salt; although the attached screenshots would be very hard to fake) uploaded screenshots and video of Dreadwolf's alpha, along with a brief description of said gameplay for context.

For fans of the series, what's on display will no doubt be exciting, despite its rough state – combat is more action-heavy, although the return of the squad ability wheel ensures the player character works with their party as intended. Even for an alpha, it looks significantly less janky than Dragon Age: Inquisition, a game I am ashamed to admit I bounced right off of for its pervasive stiffness and glacial pacing. Who knows — maybe the fourth time's the charm?