Tamerlan is a real live dragon and fashion model

Meet Tamerlan, whose website describes him as an: "Animal-actor. Fashion model. World's most friendly dragon." Tamerlan is an Albino Supercrimson Iguana who hatched in June 2018, and is blind because of his albinism. His human is Alexey Kashpersky, who is Creative Director at Newt Studios. They have an Instagram account whose goal is "educate people, share rays of positive emotions, inspire with nature's incomparable beauty and never stop being creative along our journey."

Tamerlan is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful orange skin. He's even more stunning in the photos that his human creates of him, which feature Tamerlan looking just like a dragon, sporting VFX "dragon wings." Tamerlan has also made quite a splash in the fashion world, as he was invited to be a guest model at New York Fashion Week, in 2021 and has modeled for high fashion magazines such as Cero

Check out Tamerlan's Instagram page, which is filled with beautiful photos of the big boy. And watch this endearing introduction to Tamerlan, put together by the Dodo.