A look at Motown legend Smokey Robinson's long and compelling career in the music business

On the heels of being honored as Musicares' Person of the Year with his best friend Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson was just featured on CBS Sunday Morning:

In his career, Motown legend Smokey Robinson, front man of The Miracles, has written or co-written upwards of 4,000 songs, most of them about one thing: love. At 82, he's still touring and performing, and will soon release "Gasms," his first album in nearly a decade. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with Robinson…about becoming a force in the music industry; overcoming racism while touring the Deep South; and ending his drug addiction.

The great Smokey Robinson on CBS Sunday Morning


Gordy and Robinson met at the inception of Motown in the early 1950s. Today, Gordy is 91 and Robinson is 82; the duo are still as tight as can be.

Before performing a touching rendition of "Did You Know," a song he wrote for Gordy, Robinson delivered an emotional speech calling Gordy his best friend.

"The day (we met), the seed was planted for the best friendship in history," he said, calling their bond one of the proudest things in his life. "I love you, man."