Jim Jordan disproves his line of questioning

Ohio's gerrymandered into permanence congressperson of ill repute Jim Jordan could not make his point at a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing called to discuss Twitter's handling of some Hunter Biden BS. Jordan fumbled the ball well enough to actually disprove the reason for the entire hearing — as Twitter isn't held accountable to the First Amendment, it is meant to regulate the government.

The best part is the very end when Jordan yielded his remaining time to Rep. Connolly who remarked "My, my, my, what happens when you hold a hearing and can't prove your point?"


Then Jordan asked if there was a violation of the First Amendment if the FBI sent emails to Twitter saying, "We think these accounts need to be looked at because they violate your terms of service."

That's a different standard. Your terms of service, which don't have to apply with the First Amendment, but the government saying we don't think these accounts comply with your terms of service 'please take them down,' you see a problem there, Mr. Roth?" Jordan asked.

"Do I think if that's a valuable use of the FBI's time, no, but I don't see in a request for review a problem under the First Amendment.' Roth said.