Who is Lil Wayne watching skateboard at the Grammys afterparty?

Grammy gossip, Grammy drama, and Grammy fun. Now that lipreaders have deciphered the exchange between J-Lo and Ben Affleck, images of Taylor Swift dancing with a crowd are circulating, and the Beyonce buzz is in full effect, it is time to ask: what skateboard video was Lil Wayne watching in this Instagram post from No Jumper that kept him distracted at the post-Grammy after party? 

As you may know, Lil Wayne has improved his skateboarding skills over the last decade, hanging with the cool kids, turning pro, and stacking video and skateboarding clips. Wayne's obsession with the stunt wood has led to a viral question on Skate Twitter about whose clips had him mesmerized and glued to his phone.

As reported by The Berrics, "The latest piece of evidence that proves that Lil Wayne is a skate rat through and through came last night [Monday, February 6] when he was spotted watching skate videos on his phone at the grammy's afterparty. Surrounded by the top musicians, celebrities, and music industry professionals in the world, Lil Wayne was more concerned about the clips he was watching on his phone. That just goes to show how much skateboarding means to "The Greatest Rapper Alive."