Marjorie Taylor Green humiliated at Twitter hearing

After having a short list of some of her transgressions read into the record as testimony by Twitter's representative, Mr. Roth, Georgia's peach, Marjorie Taylor Green demonstrates that she doesn't understand how a committee meeting works. Representative Raskin had to step in an explain taking turns to MTG, while Rep. Gomez pointed out how foul the activities MTG undertook on Twitter were.

Crooks and Liars:

Rep. Raskin then jumped into the fray, telling Marge she can't interrupt another member questioning a witness.

Marge wanted to respond because her name was mentioned.

"That's not the rule," Raskin scolded her. They argued for another minute when Chairman James Comer seemed to acquiesce to her.

As soon as Rep. Greene got hostile, Comer quickly cut her off, realizing the mistake he had just made.

"We'll go back to Mr. Gomez. And, Mr. Gomez, please remember the decorum of the committee," Comer said.

His words didn't deter Rep. Gomez from calling Greene's actions "shameful" during the pandemic.