Pathological liar Santos gets green light to attend classified briefings

Rep. George Santos has been caught in a web of lies about his education, heritage, and personal history, which is why everyone in the GOP (besides that communist RINO Mitt Romney) loves him so much. He represented the best parts of the Republican party. That's why House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is perfectly okay with Santos attending the classified briefing, because why not let a pathological liar have access to classified information?

CNN spoke with Christian Hart, a psychologist who directs the Human Deception Laboratory at Texas Woman's University to find out precisely why Santos is the perfect Republican.

A pathological liar is "someone who has a maladaptive pattern of lying" said Hart. "The person tends to lie excessively. So they're prolifically lying. Telling the lies typically caused a lot of problems in their life. Problems with relationships, problems in the workplace, sometimes legal problems."

CNN then presented a montage of just a smattering of Santos' lies:

  • "I actually went to school on a volleyball scholarship."
  • "My mom was a 911 survivor."
  • "I'm a Latino Jew."
  • "My grandparents survived the Holocaust."
  • "I also founded my own nonprofit organization."

"People don't lie at random," said Hart. "They believe there won't be repercussions for their lying. And then also they can somehow morally justify their lying or prove to themselves that they're still an okay person."

Back to a clip of Santos: "I lived an honest life. I've never been accused of anything bad doing."

Hart: "When we see people telling egregious lies like that, and there appears to be a lifelong pattern associated with it, I would say certainly he seems to be the type of person who's engaging in pathological lying."

CNN: "There was this moment at the State of the Union address where Senator Romney approached him. And he didn't seem apologetic at all."

Hart: "We see this pattern a lot with people with psychopathic tendencies or people with antisocial personality disorders. And in those cases, what we find is that those people are extremely comfortable manipulating and using and exploiting people and they do so with very little guilt or shame and tend not to have remorse."

Democratic Congressman Robert Garcia is trying to do something about it by introducing a resolution to expel Santos. But we all know how that's going to go – straight to the Ethics Committee to collect dust.

However, Republican Congressman Anthony Esposito, one of the few GOP politicians who isn't infected with MAGA brain worms, has become the first House Republican to call on Santos to step down, probably because he knows that having someone who lies as much as Santos attending classified briefings on China is a bad look for the Republicans. Until then the GOP continues to embrace another liar as one of their own