Nurse with hangover sedated patients, eventually killing them, so he could nap unbothered

A nurse a a Munich, Germany hospital confessed that he sedated elderly patients so they wouldn't interrupt his nap. The drugs eventually killed two of them. Apparently, the 26-year-old, known only as Mario G, was trying to sleep off hangovers after drinking massive amounts of alcohol. From The Times:

The defendant admitted that he spent his shifts doing as little as possible. He did not wash the patients or talk to them when they became restless. He only sat them up before the doctors made their rounds. For months, no one noticed that his patients had urinary catheters and were often fast asleep, which made his job easier[…]

Mario G said he had been able to obtain drugs for his patients because "in the hospital, they don't pay much attention to this". He was not qualified as a medical nurse. He was a trained geriatric care worker but had embellished his CV. This was not checked by the temporary employment agency that found him the position at the hospital.