Pentagon employees ignore security protocols to download all kinds of dodgy apps on their government-issued phones

A new Department of Defense investigation revealed that Pentagon employees are ignoring security protocols to download a variety of verboten apps for dating, Chinese drones, cryptocurrency, multi-level marketing schemes, and (gulp) potentially-dodgy VPNs. The audit of government-issued devices showed all kinds of cybersecurity risks, not to mention "potentially inappropriate content." Lol. From Gizmodo:

The investigation examined the DoD's own special app store and found an undisclosed number of unapproved apps, and determined that employees are able to access any apps they want on government devices through the regular app stores available to consumers.

"Personnel are conducting official business on their DoD mobile devices using mobile applications in violation of Federal and DoD electronic messaging and records retention policies," according to the report. "DoD employees are downloading apps that could pose operational and cybersecurity risks to DoD information and information systems." The inspector general warns that employees have downloaded apps that "require access to a user's contact list, location data, and photo library." All that delicious data could reveal sensitive military information.