Would you try this vegan, plant-based "salmon"?

Move over, salmon, there's a new plant-based 'fish' in town! New School Foods, based in Toronto, recently introduced a plant-based salmon after three years of research and development. It has high levels of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, just like real salmon. According to its website, the plant-based fish "looks," "cooks," "tastes," and "flakes" just like real salmon. Gizmodo explains that another plus is that the "fish" is created using equipment that's already available and in use in other industries, so there aren't huge laboratory or equipment start-up costs. 

The more I learn about the increasing levels of toxins in fish and about the negative environmental impacts of the fishing industry, the more I think about giving it up completely. I've read through New School Foods website, and looked at photos of the new plant-based salmon, and not gonna lie, it looks yummy. I'd happily try this plant-based salmon! 

Photo: New School Foods