Electric Ladyland is a museum of fluorescent art in Amsterdam

What better a place than Amsterdam, a city where magic mushrooms are legal, to host a museum of fluorescent art? Electric Ladyland is a trippy art museum featuring all kinds of fluorescent wonders from art to rocks and minerals

"Owned and operated by pony-tailed artist Nick Padalino, Electric Ladyland can be found underneath the similarly-named street-level art gallery, Electric Lady. Electric Ladyland is the world's first (and seemingly only) museum focusing solely on the magic of fluorescent light. "

The experience is said to be fully immersive, and museum-goers are told to take their time enjoying the psychedelic atmosphere. No mind altering drugs are necessary when visiting Electric Ladyland, because it's a trip and a half on its own. I hope I get the chance to frolick around this neon wonderland one day.