Surrealist art and apparel for Charles Darwin's birthday

Our friends at the surrealist clothier and thinktank The Imaginary Foundation are celebrating Darwin Day today (February 12) with astonishing new artwork and apparel honoring the naturalist's life and work. Viva la evolución! 

"As Charles Darwin sipped his steaming cup of tea, his mind was brimming with revolutionary ideas that would change the scientific world. The warmth of the beverage seemed to invigorate his thoughts, fueling his deep contemplation of the mysteries of life and its origins. He reflected on the countless hours he spent observing nature, collecting specimens, and studying species diversity."

"As he gazed out of the window at the lush landscape of his home in Down House, a wave of epiphany swept over him. He realized that species were not static, but instead evolved over time through the process of natural selection."

"The tea break gave Darwin the time to reflect and put his thoughts in order, leading to the development of his groundbreaking theory of evolution. The cup of tea he held symbolizes the power of taking time to reflect and the transformative potential that can come from a moment of stillness and contemplation."

The Imaginary Foundation