Bizarre Arkansas senator gets personal with witness and asks, "Do you have a penis?"

The Arkansas Senate held a two-hour hearing today on Republican-backed Bill 199, which would allow a minor receiving any "gender transition procedure" to later sue the doctor for providing the care. But a distracted Sen. Matt McKee had other things on his mind.

Speaking to a witness, who is a pharmacist, the bizarre Senator just couldn't help himself. Rather than stick to questions pertaining to the bill, he went off topic to ask her, "Do you have a penis?" (See video, posted by Heartland Signal, below.)

It's one thing to have an inappropriate thought, it's another to blurt it out. Naturally, the room erupted with disapproval. And naturally, the witness looked stunned. But once she gathered her composure, which took some time, she told the unseemly gentleman, "That's horrible." Well, that's a kind way of putting it. Republican voters sure know how to pick 'em.

Front page thumbnail image: Arkansas state Senator Matt McKee / Senate hearing