Famed ballet director smeared dog poop on critic's face after bad review

It looks like Marco Goecke, the highly acclaimed German director of the Hanover Theatre, has taken his critics a bit too seriously. According to BBC, Goecke received a suspension for smearing dog poop on critic Wiebke Hüster's face. Apparently, Goecke was unhappy with Hüster's less-than-flattering review of his latest show, In The Dutch Mountains, where she claimed to have been "alternately driven mad and killed by boredom." Goecke took his revenge by allegedly ambushing Hüster during the intermission of another show and smearing a paper bag filled with dog excrement on her face.

From BBC:

Hanover State Opera said Mr Goecke had been suspended with immediate effect, as his "impulsive reaction" went against its rules of conduct.

They said Mr Goecke "extremely unsettled the audience, the employees of the house and the general public and thus massively damaged the State Ballet."