Barney, purple dinosaur of 90s vintage, to return in CGI reboot

Barney is back, announces Mattel.

The "Barney & Friends" show, featuring the titular violet-hued T-Rex, aired on PBS in the United States from 1992 until 2010. Mattel said Monday that the new show, unlike the original, will be animated. So no beleaguered actor dressed up in a dinosaur costume marching around and singing to young kids.

A spokesperson for Mattel told CNN that it has no specific news to announce yet about whether the relaunched Barney will be on PBS, but added that the company has "confirmed streaming and broadcast partners that we'll be announcing later in the year." PBS was not immediately available for comment.

Now it falls on the usual suspects to complain about what's being done to another classic character, one they so disliked at the time it stands as an ur-example of how to sell demented pedagogical culture wars to middle America.