Feeling extra chilly? Warm up this winter with the Pelonis Ceramic Tower Heater

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It's always this time of year that reminds us we can have one of two things. We can either bravely deal with cold weather for a grueling few months or take the easier option of traveling to sunnier parts to escape the dismal weather. If you're someone who has chosen the former, or can't quite afford the months-long vacation required to avoid the cold, that can be easily rectified. 

If you're feeling a little chilly this winter and want to stay warm all day long, the Pelonis heater is a great way to melt down until spring weather is on the horizon. It's now on sale for only $84.99.

Since In some regions it feels like it's negative 10,000 degrees outside right now, a ceramic tower heater is a great way to stay toasty while doing your favorite indoor activities, like reading, watching TV, or having solo seasonal existential dread. This heater has a digital thermometer, which boasts a range of 45-95 degrees, and can get your ideal temperature going quickly. You can be perfectly cozy at the temperature setting of your choice for anywhere between 0-24 hours, depending on how you set the timer.

If you need to widen your warmth, the 70 degree oscillation evenly distributes heat in case you need to share with pals or if you just want to spread it out a bit more. Drafty rooms can be a thing of the past with the Pelonis heater.

We know that some heaters get a bad rap, so let's squash some rumors. If you're worried about burning your house down, this heater shouldn't be the reason (though we can't rule out other contributing factors if you're forgetful). The Pelonis has automatic shut off and overheat and tip over protection, so even if you get a little wobbly, you're still covered from any unpleasant disaster. In terms of air quality, it has a built-in dust filter to keep your body warm, but also keep your lungs clear of any crap that may get kicked up in the cold.

Get the Pelonis Electric Ceramic Tower Heater, which includes a remote control, for just $84.99 (reg. $109.99).

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