Musk manipulates Twitter to ensure the world sees his tweets at the top of their feed

Elon Musk wasn't getting enough attention on his $42 billion toy social media platform, so he threw a fit and fired one of his top engineers. And now, it seems like his team of green card engineers are so terrified of him that they're manipulating Twitter to force everyone to see his tweets at the top of their feed, regardless of whether they actually want to follow him or not. Because, you know, nothing says "I'm super popular" like forcing people to read your tweets.

From The Verge:

As reported by Platformer's Zoë Schiffer and Casey Newton, internal Twitter data indicates that while Musk's account rose to peak popularity in search rankings in April 2022, engagement has since dropped significantly, and engineers found no issue with Twitter's algorithm.

Over the weekend, Musk said Twitter rolled out some sort of change to fix this "visibility" issue, with the billionaire CEO stating that 95 percent of his tweets weren't "getting delivered." I'm not sure if this is at all related to this Musk-filled feed, but I'm hoping Twitter fixes this issue soon — unless the new mandate is to get the boss more views by any means necessary.

This morning, Musk tweeted, "Please stay tuned while we make adjustments to the uh .… 'algorithm,'" which can only mean that he's still not satisfied with how many views he's receiving. His engineers are now trying to figure out how to hack Google to make his tweets the top search result. Next thing you know, they'll be manipulating the universe to spell out his tweets in the stars. But nothing will ever be enough for his insatiable thirst for attention. The only thing that makes him happy these days is attending sporting events with ideological peers like Rupert Murdoch and Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.