White House says it was probably weather balloons

Multiple government agencies, including the White House, have assured the public that whatever we've been shooting down is probably just weather balloons conducting research. It seems this is just conjecture as they have not yet recovered the debris and the people rooting for Aliens aren't out yet.


The U.S. has shot down four objects this month, beginning with a suspected Chinese spy balloon on Feb. 4. Since then, three more unidentified objects have been shot down over North America: one on Friday over Alaska, one on Saturday over Canada and one on Sunday over Lake Huron.

Initial assessments indicate there's no evidence that the three more recent objects are part of the Chinese government's spying program or intelligence collection against the U.S., Kirby said Tuesday.

He added, "I want to caveat that we haven't found the debris. We're still doing the best we can with the observations that were made by the pilots, with the flight profile data that we've tried to collect."

At the White House press briefing on Monday, Kirby acknowledged that "a range of entities — including countries, companies, research and academic organizations — operate objects at these altitudes for purposes that are not nefarious at all, including scientific research."

I would not suggest it, but it seems easy to order a big balloon from Amazon, and a tank of helium from AirGas.